All Mutual Fund houses have 2 main business objectives:
    >> How to increase AUM?
    >> How to reduce redemption?
    These challenges becomes more complex with additional dynamics of the industry:
    >> Customers have a plethora of mutual funds and schemes to choose from
    >> Customer have very little cost to switch to competition
    >> Distributors/brokers/financial advisors play a significant influence on customers and have their own business objectives to meet.
    >> The business is highly cyclical and varies with the performance of stock markets
    >> There is a continuous pressure to reduce expenses by mutual fund houses and to do more with less.

In such a complex scenario, understanding the buying behaviour of customers and distributors becomes very critical. It is also imperative that the mutual funds proactively understand the customer profile and recommends suitable products. The marketing campaigns have to be highly precise for the targeted segment to have high conversion ratio.

Analytics can play a significant role in the entire customer and distributor lifecycle management. Kloutix’s FundSAFE™ is a self-service analytical platform that provides capabilities required to understand and analyze customers and distributors. The platform covers the customer/distributor life cycle – from acquisition, to growth, advocacy, and retention.

Customer/Distributor analytical modules provide capabilities for:
1. Segmentation
2. NFO analytics
3. Recommendation engine for Cross-sell/Up-sell
4. Retention
5. Life-time value

In addition to the above the platform also provides for:
• AUM analysis
• Scheme analysis
• Redemption analysis
• Campaign analysis

With its “zero-capex” model, FundSAFE™ reduces the cost and time for deployment by 50%-80%, and increases your analytical effectiveness by 40%-60%.


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