With digitization, the customer acquisition channels have proliferated. Today if a customer has to buy an insurance policy he can go to multiple websites, compare quotes and then decide. Customer choice is also influenced by the social feedback. Referral as a source of lead has become much more relevant to acquire new customers. All these dynamics require effective and timely management of leads.

Kloutix’s solution “LeadINSIGHTS” focuses on 3 aspects of lead and loyalty management covering the following:

  • Lead Scoring and Ranking: Scientific way of scoring and raking the leads and suggest proper action. Track each lead and its score as it moves forward and provides multiple signals of its progress.
  • Referral Analytics: Identify which customer are most likely to give a referral, when should you contact him and what product to pitch to the customers.
  • Loyalty Analytics: Leverage data science to make your loyalty programs far more effective.

LeadINSIGHTS can help increase the lead generation and conversion more than 40-50%.



ReferPRO™ enables you to target customers in a focussed manner and improves your customer acquisitions, at reduced costs.

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