Overview & Proposition

At Kloutix, we have built solutions that provide highest business value with a high ROI. We provide solutions across Consulting, Business Analytics, Big Data, BI and data layer.


We also believe cloud is the future of analytics. Our solutions primarily leverage cloud to deliver solutions. If the customer has already invested in a set of technology we leverage that to minimize any additional investment.


Analytics architecture is evolving with the increased adoption Cloud and Open Source Not only will it make analytics more pervasive across the enterprise, it will also help in providing great ROI.

Our Analytics architecture leverages “Cloud” and “Open Source” technologies to delivery analytics for almost “Zero” Capital Investment to start analytics. If the customers have already invested in the on-premise infrastructure, we leverage that to build analytics. We also provide a road map to migrate to cloud and rationalize future costs. A high level cloud architecture is as below:


Kloutix Value Proposition

Our value proposition can be summarized as below:

  • Business Results Driven Approach
    • Flexible outcome based or output based engagement
    • No Capex Implementation Model
    • Leverage Open Source, Cloud OR leverage the existing infrastructure investments.
  • Everything analytics under one roof
    • Consulting-Data management-BI-Analytics
    • End-to-end ownership of entire BI and Analytics requirements
    • Faster time-to-market
    • Pre-packaged models
    • Implementation accelerators
    • No-startup time with leveraging Cloud , Open source
  • Highly experienced team of Functional consultants, Data Scientists
  • Global sourcing model